Regardless of which service you want from us; in all cases your specific situation is always our starting point.

We always advise from your perspective, but also with some distance and always objective and uninhibited.

Our training and coaching programs are never standard. We always process the specific characteristics of your markets and company and the needs of you and your employees in our sessions.

Our project and interim sales processes are always 100% carried out under the name of our clients; we are therefore always the extension of your sales organization. In case of an acquisition process, we will always process a success fee in our proposition.



Martijn de Zoete

Martijn de Zoete

Martijn de Zoete, after his studies in Business Economics and FFP, engaged in advising directors and affluent in the banking sector. He was intrigued by the phenomenon that one person is successful and the other person is not. The Master's degree in NLP offered him insight into the success factors. After a number of Business Development positions and the Change Management study at Nyenrode, he came to the conclusion that there was no dynamic model, which reflects in a good way the tensions within organizations and in people that occur as a result of changes. Based on his knowledge and experience in change management, Martijn de Zoete developed the Organization Development Model De Zoete®. He uses this model in various ways in (executive) coaching, training and organizational development processes. Also visit www.Z-modelofchange.com or martijndezoete.com. Martijn can be booked as a speaker.

Jeroen van Lierop

Jeroen van Lierop

Jeroen van Lierop has built up his knowledge and experience in healthcare, government and education. Based on his training in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, he focuses on individual and team coaching, health aspects of work and psychological safety.

One method Jeroen uses is the Birkman method. This method visualises the strong behaviour, needs and stress behaviour of an individual. This knowledge gives employees, leaders and teams the opportunity to increase performance. Jeroen provides practical and workable advice that has a solid scientific basis. This way, working becomes even more fun!